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Are Part-Time Employees Eligible for FMLA Leave?

California leads the way in some of the most progressive employment laws. Ergo, many Los Angeles workplace lawyers are asked if part-time employees are eligible for FMLA, the federal leave program that allows employees to take time off to care for family members. 

According to every Los Angeles workplace lawyer, that depends on several important factors. If you want to take FMLA in Los Angeles, CA, you have to meet the following criteria. Then find out if you need a lawyer for FMLA violation Los Angeles lawyers advise.

Your Employer Has at Least 50 Employees

Any employer with less than 50 employees is not required to provide FMLA to its employees, full-time, part-time or otherwise. If you work part-time for an employer that definitely has at least 50 employees in a 75-mile radius of the workplace, you have passed the first requirement that entitles you to FMLA.

You Have to Have Logged Over 1,250 Hours

While some people find it surprising that FMLA is given to part-time employees, part-time employees still have to meet the criteria of work hours logged for said employer. Ask any FMLA attorney Los Angeles has and they will tell you that you have to have at least, if not more than, 1,250 hours logged for the same employer as a part-time employee.

You Have to Have Worked for an Employer for at Least One Year

Another time requirement for FMLA is that you have to have worked for the same employer for at least a year. If you were hired at the start of your pregnancy, for example, and you want to take leave when you give birth, you can’t. You have to have a full year.

FMLA Leave: What to Know About Denials

If you meet all of the above criteria as a part-time employee and you want to take leave, your employer cannot deny you. You can sue the company for restitution if leave is denied when it should have been granted.

California has more unique laws regarding the valid reasons for taking leave too, which means that you should not be denied for any valid reason. These unique features include caring for a wounded military family member that has returned home from service and bonding time with a new child.

Changes in California’s FMLA laws are tracked to keep residents up to date and well-informed. These sites are open to the public; not just lawyers and lawmakers. You can find out what changes have been made since requesting FMLA and IF the changes justify the denial of your leave request.

No medical condition should be a reason for denial either, unless you do not meet the requirements for leave. If you are denied for medical leave, a lawyer for family medical leave denial Los Angeles residents rely on can help you. Be sure to hire a lawyer for medical leave denial Los Angeles lists as one of the best for your case.

Need a Lawyer for FMLA Violation Los Angeles?

There’s one family medical leave lawyer Los Angeles clients will always recommend. When you have a need for a Los Angeles workplace lawyer, you should choose the Law Offices of Mann & Elias. Choose the best lawyer to help with your case, and get the leave you asked for or the compensation you deserve for your denial.

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